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Tao of Badass is a program designed to help people suffering from panic attacks and anxiety disorders. These people have physical symptoms like breathlessness, chest pains, stomachaches, hot flashes, and tingling. Some fear that they would have panic attacks, they worry too much, and they have negative thoughts of things getting worse. Normal activities become hard for people living with panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

The program created by Josh Pellicer was designed to help those who suffer with panic attacks and GAD. It teaches the client How to be a BadAss. The techniques taught in the program gives the person the ability to overcome the fear of having another panic attack. This program has been developed by someone who also suffered with these problems. He helped a small group and later on helped thousands more.

This program is geared towards treating panic attacks. The effects are easily seen. Those with general anxiety disorder or GAD can also benefit this program although it will take a little longer, about three or four weeks. If after eight weeks, the client feels like the program has not worked, he or she can get a full refund of his money.

The program can be ordered through local bookstores. It can also be downloaded over the internet and therefore can be available in many different countries. In a forum regarding this program, members were asked how much the program has helped them. There were 107 who responded and 39 said the program helped them extremely and 42 said it helped them a lot.

The website boasts of the biggest number of photo and audio testimonials available among any of the panic and anxiety treatment programs. These testimonials are true and verifiable. People who have searched far and wide for solutions to their anxieties have become skeptical because of many programs that have not worked when they come to Pellicer’s program. That is why the opportunity to verify, and find out if the testimonials are actually true is a plus for those who really want to be cured.

One man who has benefited used to take medication for about five to seven years and had fear of going to the doctor’s office and looking at the sphygmomanometer or blood pressure meter. In his testimonial, he reports that he has recently stood at the edge of a hill. Another man thanked McDonagh for showing him in a simple and clear way to overcome anxiety. He mentioned that he has already been doing those techniques before and the program made him realize that he was doing it correctly. Many more people have benefited from this program.